Why I LOVE My AQUIS Hair Turban and Why I Think that You Will, Too

Why I LOVE My AQUIS Hair Turban and Why I Think that You Will, Too

it was a revelation

The first time I took my hair down out of this drying turban I ran my fingers through my tresses and I said, "Oh, my goddess. How have I lived without this?"

in the beginning

I recently received some hair care products from PR and in the box was a wonderful and very welcome surprise; An Aquis Original Hair Turban. I've been low-key wanting an Aquis drying towel or turban for years but I could always think of other things that I could spend the extra money on -yeah, I can be cheap about some things- and I contented myself with less expensive and, I thought... just as effective terry and microfiber hair drying turbies.

Boy, was I wrong.

Why I LOVE My AQUIS Hair Turban and Why I Think that You Will, Too 3

so, what is it?

 The Aquis Original Hair Turban is not your average hair drying turbie. Not by a long shot. The all synthetic fabric is woven of an 80/20% Polyester and Nylon blend that offers superior water wicking performance unmatched by any other synthetic or natural fiber blend hair turbie that I've ever used.

Some of the claims:

  • Saves Time
  • Super Absorbent
  • Reduces Frizz
  • Hair Looks Shinier
Which claims does it live up to? All of them. 

Why I LOVE My AQUIS Hair Turban and Why I Think that You Will, Too 3

why I love it

First of all, the Aquis Original Hair Turban is big enough for my not so tiny head and all of this hair. My ends hang out of the tail of my old turbies, which isn't terrible, I can just fold them in to make my hair fit but let's face it, if I can do something in one less step, that is what I'm going to do. Lazy old hag. Also, my Aquis fits my head and stays in place so nicely that I don't have to grab a clip to anchor it to my hair to keep it from shifting and slipping off of my head. This makes it so much more comfortable to wear for a while longer if I want to do a face mask or just veg out, goofing off on my phone. Don't judge, you know that you do it, too. 

Another thing that makes the Aquis different from my other blotting turbies is how fast and evenly it wicks the excess water out of my hair. The old ones are always dry in some spots and soaking wet in others and my hair, when I'd take it down would also be kind of dry and staring in some spots and soaking wet, in others. My Aquis turban is evenly wet, all over and when I take my hair out of my Aquis, it is evenly damp from my canopy to the under layer and it feels cool, soft and silky and it isn't as frizzy and staring. My hair dries faster, whether I'm air or blow drying it and while my hair does poof and frizz a bit it's not as crazy as usual and it feels softer and just... nicer when it's completely dry.

care and feeding of your Aquis Hair Turban or towels

Caring for my Aquis Original Hair Turban couldn't be easier. After each use, I just hang it up to dry and it's ready to go the next time I need it. When it's time to wash it and before the first use, just pop it into the washing machine, on it's own or with other Aquis turbans and towels and add a small amount of mild detergent, no chlorine bleach, no softener. Run the gentle or hand wash cycle with an extra rinse and immediately hang to dry. That's all there is to it. 

to sum it all up

My Aquis Original Hair Turban fits my head comfortably and holds all of my hair securely on my head without shifting or slipping. It sucks the excess water out of my hair fast and evenly, my hair air or blows dry faster and looks and feels softer, silkier, less frizzy and I swear, it's shinier, too. I love my Aquis hair turban and I honestly believe that you would love it, as well.

how to get your own

The Aquis Original Hair Turban is $20.99 and in my not so humble opinion, is worth every penny. I would like to pick up another one and maybe a Long Hair Towel. They even have Bath Towels. Okay, I need a couple of those, too!

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