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A Skin Care Fridge | Bougie or Beneficial?

and so the obsession began... As a hardcore beauty and skin care junkie, I'm always on the lookout for great new products and gadgets that will take my beauty routine to the next level and make it more fun and feel a little more special. What could be more special, more bougie and beneficial than a mini skin care and beauty fridge? I have been wanting a skin care fridge for a while but I always thought that I'd have to buy a bulky, Freon cooled dorm size fridge and I was seriously considering going for it when I learned, reading a fellow beauty fiend's Facebook post about personal mini fridges. I hit up Amazon, started searching and instantly fell down the mini fridge rabbit hole and had a ton of fun while I was there. After creating a long list, debating size, features and appearance and winnowing the list fridge by fridge, I finally landed on the perfect skin care fridge for me. 

Airelle Skin Care Age Defying Serum

Are you in the lookout for a firming, anti aging face serum that can deliver results that you can see and feel? Read on.

Airelle Age Defying Skin Care Exfoliating Cleanser with Barrimatrix, Glycolic and Bamboo

I have been test driving a new to me skin care line for a while, now and it's time to start sharing my thoughts about these products with all of you. I'm going to begin at the beginning with cleanser.