A Skin Care Fridge | Bougie or Beneficial?

A Skin Care Fridge | Bougie or Beneficial?

and so the obsession began...

As a hardcore beauty and skin care junkie, I'm always on the lookout for great new products and gadgets that will take my beauty routine to the next level and make it more fun and feel a little more special. What could be more special, more bougie and beneficial than a mini skin care and beauty fridge? I have been wanting a skin care fridge for a while but I always thought that I'd have to buy a bulky, Freon cooled dorm size fridge and I was seriously considering going for it when I learned, reading a fellow beauty fiend's Facebook post about personal mini fridges. I hit up Amazon, started searching and instantly fell down the mini fridge rabbit hole and had a ton of fun while I was there. After creating a long list, debating size, features and appearance and winnowing the list fridge by fridge, I finally landed on the perfect skin care fridge for me. 

A Skin Care Fridge | Bougie or Beneficial? In Display Box
A Skin Care Fridge | Bougie or Beneficial? Unpacked and Shiny New
A Skin Care Fridge | Bougie or Beneficial? Unpacked Interior

which skin care fridge did I choose and why?

I chose the Cooluli Concord 20 Liter Compact Cooler/Warmer in pink. This model is also, as of this writing available in Aqua Blue (which I came thisclose) to choosing and Black. I decided on this model for a couple of reasons. First was size: The generous 8.8 L x 9" D x 13.6" H sounded like the right size to house my skin care hoard arsenal in comfort without having to stuff, stack and cram and give me enough room for tall bottles of mists and essence and move them easily out and in without having to unload the main compartment, every time. I also wanted enough space to stash a cool drink, maybe a little snack action. I also liked the sleek, clean lines, the shiny, easy to clean glass door front and digital thermostat screen. The 11.25" W x 13.75" D x 16.25" H dimensions seemed as if it would still fit nicely on my dressing table, which it does. 

This personal fridge can also be used as a warmer and it has two plugs, so that it can be used at home or on the go in your car, RV or boat. This model uses Advanced Core Cooling, an innovative semiconductor that is energy efficient, quiet and eco friendly. It simply plugs into the wall (or battery outlet via USB), the function and temp are easy to set and while you can hear it running, it's not really noisy, the sound is like a white noise hum. 

A Skin Care Fridge | Bougie or Beneficial? Living on My Dressing Table

what do I stash in my skin care fridge?

Products that benefit from refrigeration like face mists, serums and masks and water and hyaluronic acid based moisturizers that contain less oil or natural nut butter. Serums with active ingredients like Vitamin C thrive in a cool, dark environment and applying chilly skin care is so refreshing, it soothes and calms and depuffs my complexion. Ahhh! So lovely. Trust me, once you try cool skin care, you'll never want to go back. 

what don't I stash in my skin care fridge?

Facial oils, butters and moisturizers that are really rich in water, oils and butters. I tried refrigerating such a face cream and it didn't go so well. The texture cold was lumpy and a little gross, actually and when I removed it and warmed it back up it was all separated and weird and it wouldn't stir back together smoothly. Lesson learned.

what else can a mini fridge be used for?

A personal mini fridge is so versatile and useful! Not only is it fabulous for keeping skin care chilled to perfection, it's great for:
  • The nursery, to keep breast milk or formula fresh. Keep a bottle warmer nearby and you're ready for late night feedings.
  • Medications, like insulin or antibiotics and vitamins and supplements that need to be kept cold. 
  • Snacks, beverages, lunches, protein shakes and the like at home, in the go or at the office.

A Skin Care Fridge | Bougie or Beneficial? Interior 1
A Skin Care Fridge | Bougie or Beneficial? Interior 2

 let's take a peek inside

I could have staged the interior with a few, choice pretty products, flowers and maybe some twinkle lights but I decided that it's better to show my skin care fridge the way I actually use it. And, in the interest of full on realism you also get to see the little glacier that likes to form in the indentations in the back wall. I don't mind them. I keep the temp pretty cold and the ice forms then I get rid of it when I clean it, every couple of weeks, or so.

In the main compartment on the shelves, I stash jars of brush on face masks, a moisturizer and my jade and rose quartz face rollers. Bottles of face mists, serums, essence and a couple of cold friendly moisturizers live in the lower, main compartment and there is also room for a bottle of water. Or there was... since I took these pics, I've added a couple of more mists - yeah, I'm that person - and a bottle of glycolic toner so no more room for drinks, at present. Oh, well. Skin care takes precedence. 

A Skin Care Fridge | Bougie or Beneficial? Door Details

In the door of my skin care fridge is two nice sized, deep racks. In the bottom one, I keep sheet masks and a packet of gel mask that I have yet to try and in the top rack resides my eye creams, snack sized skin care treats that I'm enjoying and working my way through and my jade and rose quartz Gua Sha stones.

The size and depth of these door racks has proven to be a mix of pleasure and pain, as you'll see, below.

A Skin Care Fridge | Bougie or Beneficial? Aftermarket Shelf Tweaks

the saga of those shelves

As you can see, my shelves look different from how they arrived. The lower shelf didn't allow enough room for my taller bottles of mists and essences and room to move them around, easily so a little after market tweaking had to be done. Placement of the lower shelf required a little surgery on the shelf, it's self. I won't bore you with everything I tried to get the job done, it took hours of trial and error until I finally hit on the right solution; heavy duty wire cutters. Trust me. They slice through the strong, flexible plastic the shelves are made of cleanly and with not too much effort. I decided to hang the lower shelf off of the top, utilizing coated wire paper clips. It actually works well but I'm not nuts about how it looks and the shelf is a little uneven. I'll think of a better solution but it's working just fine for now.

care and feeding of my skin care fridge

Keeping my skin care fridge sparkling clean and smelling fresh and nice is easy-peasy. every couple of weeks, I just remove everything, set it to the side and grab a spray bottle of alcohol or glass and surface cleaner, generously spray down the interior and wipe and polish it with a soft, lint free cotton cloth. If there is ice buildup in the back wall indents, I gently pry it off, spray the spots with cleaner, dry. As I return the products to their place, I give them a spritz and wipe. Then I spray down and polish the exterior. The whole process only takes a few minutes. 

the bottom line and how to get a totally bougie and beneficial skin care fridge for yourself

I really, really like my Cooluli Concord 20 Liter Personal Cooler/Warmer - $149.99 from Amazon. Yeah, it's totally bougie and I know that is a bit spendy, I almost hyperventilated when I hit the purchase button but I don't regret it, one tiny bit and I'd do it again, in a heartbeat!

 Do you think that a skin care fridge is in your beauty future? 

I get that the skin care fridge I chose is a little big and expensive. If you are more of a skin care minimalist or would like to not spend a hundred and fifty clams, here are some other great options that get really good reviews:

Cooluli 4 Liter/6 Can Mini Fridge and Warmer is just $49.00 and comes in a variety of colours and even a super cute cow print!

The Cooluli Infinity model comes in a 10 and 15 Liter option. They have the sleek glass front and are available in five beautiful colours.

The Chefman Mini Portable Erasure Board Mini is also a great way to leave yourself little memos, track skin care testing or draw cute pictures on it.

I hope that you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. If you did, would you please share it? I love it when you share my work and it really helps me out.


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