12 Last Minute Beauty Gift and Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Amazon

Yep. I did just one more gift guide. This one is my 12 Last Minute Beauty Gift and Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Amazon. I know... It's weird but I'm trying to be a better blogger. I'm probably way behind on how these are done, now. Honestly, I haven't been paying attention and that is my next goal, pay better attention to how the better bloggers are doing things and affect some changes.

When putting this guide together, I tried to pick a mix of beauty goodies that I really enjoy and an item or two that I'd like to have, in the future, These are beauty products that are a little more budget friendly and all available with Prime shipping so that they should arrive in plenty of time, as long as you order by the cutoff date. I hope that you find this and my other gift guide helpful while you are wrapping up your holiday shopping.

12 Last Minute Beauty Gift and Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Amazon

Prosper Beauty 6-Piece Micro Needle Derma Roller, $26.97. I know that this looks like a strange gift for someone but hear me out. If you have a skin care fanatic on your gift list, they are probably wishing for one of these gadgets. Derma Rolling is one of the hottest beauty treatments out there and, it is perfectly safe for most people to do in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Natural, semi-precious stone rollers are all the rage with the beauty obsessed set and I'm sharing the two that I own, use and love. The Jade Roller, $14.98 and the Rose Quartz Roller, $13.99 both come with Gua Sha stones. They live in my Skin Care Fridge and they have larger face and eye rollers that roll quiet and smooth and they stay cold, longer so that I can enjoy more thorough and refreshing treatment sessions. Tuck one of these in someone's stocking, they will be thrilled.

I am a big fan of muslin cloths for skin care. I have a few higher end, expensive cloths that I love and I was thinking about buying more. While searching for high quality muslin cloths at a more affordable price point, I ran across these Baby Muslin Wash Cloths, $11.99 for a package of five 12" x 12" cloths. These muslin cloths are just as nice as my spendy ones, they are a little thicker, a little softer and they do the job just as well for a lot less cash. This is a thoughtful and affordable little beauty treat that will be appreciated.

If you're looking for the perfect, affordable stocking stuffer or Secret Santa type gift, may I suggest a set of adorable pearl hair clips, $5.90. I own this set and love it. The clips are so pretty in my hair and they hold well, too.

Okay I know that $20.00 is a little on the spendy side for a hair towel but the Aquis Original Hair Turban is worth every last penny! My Aquis was a game changer in my hair care routine and I think that it would be a fantastic little gift or if you're sick of balancing big, heavy towels on your head, treat yourself to one. Trust me, you'll be glad you did.

If you want to pamper someone on your list, you can't go wrong with A Girl's Gotta Spa! This independent, woman owned business produces indulgent bath, body and fragrance treats that will thrill anyone on your holiday gift list. A couple of my favorites are the Synergy Himalayan Salt Body Scrub, $28.00 and Arise Rollerball Perfume Oil, $22.00. Arise is a fave in my curated fragrance collection. The soft jasmine, vanilla, citrus blend is fresh, feminine and delicious and my husband loves it, too.

I can't do a beauty gift guide without talking about makeup brushes! I own two of the Sigma Beauty E 40 Eye Shadow Blending Brush, $17.00 each for a very good reason. They are simply the best affordable range eye blending brushes I have ever used. And they hold up! I've had mine over five years and they are still going strong.

If you've been reading here for a while, you know that I'm serious about nail care and one indispensable tool in my nail care arsenal is the OPI Crystal File, $9.99. I'm not exaggerating when I say that the only file that has touched my nails for almost ten years is this one because it works, it is gentle on my nails and is worth every penny of it's purchase price!

Everyone should have a good pair of tiny, sharp scissors on hand and I love my little 3.6" Gold Bird Shaped Scissors, $6.39. I have two pair, one for beauty and one for snipping random threads, trimming washi tape or stickers in my planner or a whole host of little cutting jobs. I don't know how I lived without them.

Okay, this last one isn't really a "beauty" gift but who wouldn't love this Sweet Water Decor Eyelashes Coffee Mug, $19.99? It comes in pink or white and is decorated with fluttery lashes and a glitzy golden handle and holds a generous 16 fl oz of your favorite hot morning beverage. Beautiful!

So, there we have it. I hope that this and my my other gift guide will help you get your holiday shopping done in time and on budget.

Happy Holidays, dear Gentle Reader. However you choose to celebrate, I hope that this season is fulled with love, fun and joy.


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