Top Ten Beauty Storage Gift Ideas from Amazon

The holiday gift shopping season is in full swing and because Thanksgiving hit a little later, this year it's shorter than usual. A shorter shopping season means less time to get all of our gift shopping done so it's time to hustle up and get to it!

Today, I'm sharing my Top Ten Beauty Storage Ideas from Amazon. These are skin care, makeup, nail polish and brush storage items in price points from super affordable to a... little bit spendy that I feel would make perfect holiday gifts for any beauty enthusiast on your list or a little something special with which you can treat yourself. All of these items are Amazon Prime eligible so if you have prime, they will ship for free and ship fast, so your gifts should arrive for your holiday giving, provided that you order before the final cutoff date.

If you're looking for great beauty storage gift ideas, read on.

Top Ten Beauty Storage Gift Ideas from Amazon


1. Has your giftee been hinting around about a skin care fridge? The Cooluli Concord 20 Liter Compact Cooler/Warmer Mini Fridge, $149.99 may be just the thing for the beauty who has an extensive skin care stash and needs a spacious yet compact place to keep those expensive products safe and deliciously chilled. This mini fridge is available in Black, White, Pink and Pale Blue so you can find a colour that will work with just about any decor. I own one in Pink and I love, love, love it. Yes, it's a tad spendy but trust me, it's worth every penny and if mine disappeared, I'd order another one, in a heartbeat.

2. Felicite Home Acrylic Cosmetics Organizer - 4 Piece, $34.99. This acrylic organizer is perfect for a smallish but growing makeup collection. It is easy to stack or lay out to each person's exacting specifications and it holds quite a bit. The top rack is so handy for brushes, perfumes, lipsticks, foundation bottles and the like.

3. The iDesign Clarity Palette Organizer, $8.99 is stylish, affordable and perfect for keeping my most often reached for eye and face palettes at my fingertips.

4. The hbLife Acrylic Dust Free Makeup Brush Holder, $28.99 has two compartments that hold makeup brushes at the ready, three drawers perfect for stashing sponges and other small tools and a cover to keep everything clean and dust free. The pearls for holding up makeup brushes are included.

5. Got Glam? Simi & Love Makeup Brush Holder, $16.99 comes in gold or silver tone with big, faceted crystals to dress up any vanity or bathroom counter. This would be perfect for that little touch of sparkle on your desk at work.

6. Give the nail polish lover on your list a place to display and organize their polishes with the cute, sturdy, easy to assemble Sooyee Acrylic 6 - Layer Acrylic Table Top Nail Polish Rack, $14.99.

7. If you or someone special is dying for a skin care fridge but you don't want to spend as much for a mini fridge as the one I listed, above, the Cooluli 4 Liter Mini Fridge, $44.99 to $49.99 may be just perfect. This adorable little chiller comes in lots of colours and even the cutest cow print and is just the right size and price for a beginner or minimalist skin care collection.

8. The Grande Dame of my acrylic makeup storage cases is two of the Whitmore 5 Tier Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer, $88.99 (as of the date this gift guide was published). These organizers are good looking, well made, hold a ton of product and are like potato chips. You can't stop at just one! One minor caution, the price of this makeup case tends to jump around a bit. I wouldn't pay much more than $90.00 for it. It's very nice but if you see the price fly up, hold off, it will drop.

9. If you want to ramp up the sparkle quotient in your gift recipient's brush storage, try the Acrylic Makeup Brush Holder with Lid and "Diamonds", $34.99. I admit, my magpie eyes are very drawn to this. I can't help thinking how pretty this would look on my dressing table as the afternoon sun rays flood through it, bathing my room in dancing rainbows.

10. Okay, now for one purely practical present. Good makeup brush care is crucial for sparkling clean brushes that deliver beautiful, blended application results and healthier skin. Mesh Makeup Brush Covers, $5.98 are expandable, soft plastic mesh tubes that gently compress back into their perfect shape while drying, any size makeup brush from fluffy eye blending brushes to big, extravagant powder brushes. This package of 40 is a perfect stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift for any makeup lover.

I hope that this gift guide helps you get some of your holiday shopping done, fast so that you can kick back, relax and enjoy those fun and festive days with friends and family.


  1. My husband ordered me a ton of the #2's and #8's. They are keep my goodies organized and I love being able to see into them to know what I have.

  2. I've been lusting after that mini fridge since you first wrote about it. I saw a pink $20 one on Walmart's site but it's not deliverable and I never shop at Walmart.

  3. excellent gift guide. I think about your fridge a lot....particularly during the times our AC has gone out cuz then I'm running my skincare to the kitchen...kid you not.

  4. I want the mini fridge!!!! I keep almost buying one.

  5. I want the mini fridge for skincare!

  6. I love that nail polish holder! I have been looking for a particular size, but cant seem to find the right width! Bummer!

  7. Ok, don't knock me, but one of my favorite cosmetic storage items was a hanging shoe storage unit for the back of a door. I kept the products organized by product type along the rows and it made it super convenient when getting ready in the morning. I have far too much makeup for it to hold everything, but it worked for my most used staples. Sadly my new house isn't set up in a way where I can do this any longer.

    1. Knock you? That's a great idea. Everything right there,set up just the way you like, all tidy and right at your fingertips. Sounds good, to me. :)

  8. I just got a mini fridge for my skin care and I'm super excited for it. I think #6 is next on my to get list.


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