Fashion Flash | Farewell January

Fashion Flash | Farewell January

Swiftly January has passed. Thank the Goddess and we can bid farewell to this month in this edition of Fashion Flash. This week, our group of bloggers have some great reads waiting for you and I think that you'll really enjoy them.

Barbara Hannah Grufferman -- award winning author of Love Your Age: The Small Step Solution to a Better, Longer, Happier Life -- started running after 50 and has now run eight marathons. The truly amazing thing is that she's gotten faster as she's gotten older. It is her shoes?

Inka of Glamour Granny Travels shows you the coolest district in Amsterdam.

If you're one of the millions of people who have made the New Year's resolution to quit smoking, how's it going, after the first month? Jackie from Jackie Silver Style has some shocking news about smoking, plus tips for helping to quit.

Wondering what to serve on Super Bowl Sunday? The Culinary Cure White Chicken Chili is the perfect make ahead dish guaranteed to please both football fans and healthy eaters, alike. Whip up a batch of Kristen's delish game changing chili. Get the recipe and inspiration for living younger, longer and better, here.

Stacie from  blog reviewed an interesting hair curler. Take a look at this interesting contraption and let her know what you think of it.

Angie of  Your True Self Blog loves the look and feel of layering clothes in the fall and winter. In this featured post, she gives you tons of layering tips, layered outfit formulas PLUS over forty outfit ideas! Check out How to Look Good in the Cold? Layer Up!

From Robin at Your True Self blog: Are you hosting a Super Bowl Party this weekend? I'm sharing my favorite appetizers today, on my blog.
Lisa from Beauty Info Zone has found her perfect earrings and is thrilled to shout from the rooftops about them. What do you think of her choice? We'd love to know.

Is Argan Oil worth the money? Deb of No Nonsense Beauty Blog investigates.

How much makeup should we be using as we age? Makeup for Mature Women is the topic of this episode of Ladies Roadmap to Living Ageless! 

Never Say Die Beauty had a strange interlude with an unknown fashion website/retailer. She shares the resolution as well as information in what to avoid and a helpful website for monitoring scam sites.

Prime Beauty reviews Japan's #1 best selling - one is sold every five seconds! Natural Aqua Gel Cure will have your skin looking it's best with just one use!

From Follow Phyllis: I know it's Super Bowl Sunday and we all just want to relax but, I thought it would be a great time to fit in a quick workout to combat all of the wings and nachos we'll be eating! Or be smart and pregame with this simple but effective workout!

Curious about what products a beauty and makeup lover really uses up? Last week, on my blog, Notes from My Dressing Table I wrote an obnoxiously long post chock full of mini reviews and photographs of many of the beauty and makeup products I've used up in the last little while. Come check it out and go dumpster diving with me. It'll be fun. I promise. No, really. Totally fun. Just click the link and you'll see. Totally.

For years people have said, that getting angry can raise your blood pressure but I recently heard that it can also raise your cholesterol. Sounds crazy but Mirabai Holland from Moving Free gives you the evidence and what you can do about it.

Fashion Flash| Mid January Edition

Fashion Flash| Mid January Edition

Fashion Flash is live and is hosted, this week by the fabulous team at Ladies Roadmap. Head on over and find out what the Fashion Flash Group has been up to. We have a lot to offer, from health and wellness, fitness, fashion and beauty, interior decor and culinary and travel adventures. Enjoy this week's edition and come back here, next week as I'll be hosting!

The Beauty Spotlight Team - MLK Weekend Edition

The Beauty Spotlight Team - MLK Weekend Edition

So, it's already the last half of the month of January! And while I'm usually sitting here, in mind blown splendor at the swift passage of time, I'm not really mad because it's almost February and once it is February, it's less than two months to spring and I don't mind telling you, I am so ready for spring. This girl is over winter. This week started with the Martin Luther King Birthday holiday weekend and I hope that it is a good week, for all of you. Enjoy this edition of The Beauty Spotlight Team and we'll see you all again, soon.

Afterglow - Beauty Goodies I've Recently Used Up - with Mini Reviews

Afterglow - Beauty Goodies I've Recently Used Up - with Mini Reviews

wanna dig through my trash?

Yes, I am finally doing it. An empties post! I decided to try stashing my more recent beauty empties so that I can share with you what I've used up and whether or not I'd purchase/repurchase these products and add them, long term to my curated beauty products. This post is by no means comprehensive; I'm still training myself to collect my empties and I've tossed stuff that in retrospect, I should have placed in my empties bag. Also, this may sound shallow but If I'm going to make this a long term habit, I'm going to have to find a more pleasing to my eye vessel to hold my trash. That old, worried looking reusable shopping bag from a craft store is sturdy and does the job but it ain't pretty to look at. Wow. The ultimate first world problem, am I right?

If you're interested in seeing some of the stuff I've used up recently please read on. Warning: This is an extremely long post. Run to the bathroom, grab a snack, send out a message to local Search and Rescue, if you are reported missing that you are indeed not missing, just trapped. Reading my endless drivel. Okay. Ready? Here we go.

Fashion Flash for the week of 1/13/20

It's already mid January! I was just the holidays, yesterday and we're already on the downhill slide into February. The good news is, spring is coming up, fast. Or so I keep telling myself. I don't know about you but I am sooo over winter! Enjoy this week's Fashion Flash hosted by Deb at No Nonsense Beauty Blog. Thank you all for reading and we'll see you, next week.

The Beauty Spotlight Team | Mid January Madness

Enjoy this week's Beauty Spotlight Team roundup!

Lola's Secret Beauty Blog just published the Best and Most Covet-Worthy Luxury Skincare Repurchases of 2019, and these products are so fantastic that they are destined to be repurchased again in 2020!

I can’t believe I have found the answer to my oily skin issues. I have been able to wear my makeup for 12hrs in the Florida sun without issue thanks to these new Urban Decay All Nighter products! Check out my most recent post over on Crazy Beautiful Makeup to see just what I am talking about!

Beauty Info Zone has always been a fan of Jane Iredale cosmetics. They've recently added some products that help bees so now we're mesmerized. Oh and there's a giveaway for some along with the review.

Pammy Blogs Beauty shares how to get Kerry Washington's and Nicole Kidman's gorgeous makeup looks from the Golden Globes with Neutrogena!

For January "skincare month", Never Say Die Beauty is hosting a giveaway of two fabulous gel-creams - an eye cream and a firming product - from Robin McGraw Revelation's line of luxury skincare. Enter to win them!

Erika, chief chick over at Notes from My Dressing Table reunited with a once much loved lippie line. Buxom Plumping Lip Cream. Are they both so excited because they're reunited? Come on over and find out.

If you want to stay organized in the new year you should check out Stacie's latest post about her favorite planner on The Makeup Obsessed Mom's blog.

Combat Very Dry Winter Skin with REN Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm

Combat Very Dry Winter Skin with REN Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm

Combat Very Dry Winter Skin with REN Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm 1

help for stressed winter skin is on the way!

Sometimes, having very dry skin is a huge pain in my ass. Keeping my complexion happy, hydrated and protected in the dead of winter is a full time job. I have a tool in my skin care box that really helps.

Buxom Full On Plumping Lip Cream in White Russian | Our Reunion

Buxom Full On Plumping Lip Cream in White Russian | Our Reunion

hello, old friend

I decided that it was time, after years apart to reunite with an old favorite lip gloss line and during a recent-ish Ulta Beauty sale, I picked up a new tube of the BUXOM Full On Plumping Lip Cream in the shade White Russian. Why this shade, in particular? Well, it turns out that I am just as susceptible to hype as everyone else is. Who knew? After giving it a go, does this gloss live up to my fond memories of this line? Read on, to find out.

The Beauty Spotlight Team | Welcome 2020!

The Beauty Spotlight Team | Welcome 2020!

Hello Gentle Reader, welcome to our first The Beauty Spotlight Team post of 2020! I'm sorry that this one is up, so late. My platform has been bratty about allowing me to upload images and it's just working for me, again. Google glitch gremlins, I guess? Anyhoo... Let's rock and roll!

Heather over at Crazy Beautiful Makeup has found an amazing dupe for the Huda Beauty New Nudes palette, saving you over $50. Check out the Physicians Formula Rose All Play palette!

If you're a lipstick lover who didn't get enough new lip products for the holidays, treat yourself to an affordable Lip Monthly subscription to get 4 full size lip products once or every month. Check out the details on Never Say Die Beauty's blog.

Lola's Secret Beauty Blog has rounded up the very best purchases of 2019, and there isn’t a single bit of buyer’s remorse with anything that I bought. Check out which products, big and small, made the list.

In case you missed it, Erika, chief chick over at Notes from My Dressing Table test drove the Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipsticks in Dancefloor Princess and JK Magic Did these beautifully packaged, luxe lippies live up to the hype?

There's beauty in all that we have. Lisa from Beauty Info Zone has found that the beauty in Olori handbags comes not only from the way they look but what also how they support women.

Stacie from The Makeup Obsessed Mom is starting the year with intention by choosing a word of the year. See what she chose and why.

Fashion Flash | The First New Edition of 2020

Hello Gentle Reader and Happy New Year! 2020 has dawned and after the life stressors of 2019, I for one am more than ready for brighter days ahead. 

Fashion Flash | The First New Edition of 2020

Welcome to the first new edition of Fashion Flash for 2020 hosted by our lovely Allison of Never Say Die Beauty. I'm sorry that this one is going up so late, my blog platform wasn't allowing me to upload photos, for some reason. Google-y glitch, I guess. It's working now and I can proceed.

I hope that you enjoy this new Fashion Flash and that you have a great year, filled with love, contentment and purpose. Thank you for reading and don't forget to come back, next week for a new Fashion Flash.