Afterglow - Beauty Goodies I've Recently Used Up - with Mini Reviews

Afterglow - Beauty Goodies I've Recently Used Up - with Mini Reviews

wanna dig through my trash?

Yes, I am finally doing it. An empties post! I decided to try stashing my more recent beauty empties so that I can share with you what I've used up and whether or not I'd purchase/repurchase these products and add them, long term to my curated beauty products. This post is by no means comprehensive; I'm still training myself to collect my empties and I've tossed stuff that in retrospect, I should have placed in my empties bag. Also, this may sound shallow but If I'm going to make this a long term habit, I'm going to have to find a more pleasing to my eye vessel to hold my trash. That old, worried looking reusable shopping bag from a craft store is sturdy and does the job but it ain't pretty to look at. Wow. The ultimate first world problem, am I right?

If you're interested in seeing some of the stuff I've used up recently please read on. Warning: This is an extremely long post. Run to the bathroom, grab a snack, send out a message to local Search and Rescue, if you are reported missing that you are indeed not missing, just trapped. Reading my endless drivel. Okay. Ready? Here we go.

Afterglow - Beauty Goodies I've Recently Used Up - with Mini Reviews Hair Care

let's start at the top, shall we?

Hair stuff. This is one category that I was terrible about remembering to pop my hair care empties into my collection bag. Add to that, my husband tossing some things I set aside for my empties and well... Here we are. 

Dove Nutritive Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner: These were on sale and I had a good coupon so I thought, what the hell? I'll give them a go. The scent was pleasant enough. the shampoo got my hair clean, the conditioner made my hair feel pretty soft but wet and even dry detangling of my long, thick wurly hair wasn't stellar. This shampoo and conditioner were okay but not what my hair really needs and I won't be buying these, again. Even tho these products didn't ring my bells, I do think that they would be very nice for someone with more "normal" hair that isn't as thirsty, wurly and tangle prone as mine is. 

LATHER Baobab and Shea Hair Wash and Conditioner Duo, $40.00. I received these in a holiday package from LATHER and oh, did I enjoy them. These hair care gems gently yet thoroughly cleansed and conditioned my hair leaving it sparkling clean, shiny and bouncy and silky-soft. They weren't great at reducing frizz, alas but I don't really expect that, to be honest. Hair care always sadly disappoints me on the frizz factor. I used up the shampoo as a body wash when the conditioner was long gone. That happens a lot, in my shower. Anyway, this duo smelled clean and naturally rich without artificial perfume and I love that when you purchase these products, LATHER gives back, helping women in Africa have their own business, to help them be independent and take care of their families. LATHER is cruelty free. 

Moroccanoil Light Hair Treatment, $44.00. This little snack size came in a recent beauty box. I'd like to say it was an Allure Beauty Box. I'm pretty sure it was. Anyway, This tiny sip of hair care goodness is very nice. Not quite as heavy as the "regular" Moroccan Oil treatment, which I prefer for my hair, I think that someone with hair that prefers lighter products would really love this stuff. I used it once, then dumped the rest into my big bottle of Moroccanoil Hair Treatment Oil. They can mingle and pamper my hair, together. 

I had some more hair stuffs, like the Eva NY products that I featured in my Eight Disappointing Beauty Products That I Regret Buying, a couple of  empty dry shampoo cans and so on. I need to do better. 

Afterglow - Beauty Goodies I've Recently Used Up - with Mini Reviews Bath and Body Care

moving on to the bod:

I run through hand cream and lotion like... Well... you know. My hands get so dry and let's be real, they aren't looking as smooth and tight as they once did so maximum hydration and plumping is crucial in anything I put on my hands. Farmhouse Fresh Shea Butter Hand Cream Whoopie Cream and Farmhouse Fresh Shea Butter Hand Cream Fluffy Bunny, $15.00 each. These hand creams were so gorgeously hydrating and didn't feel greasy or slippery. Whoopie smells like the cream filling of a whoopie pie and Fluffy Bunny is a soft, comforting mint and lavender scent. I know, mint and lavender don't sound as if they would work together but trust me, they do! I need to pick up new tubes of these, soon. 

LATHER Baobab and Shea Body Duo, $38.00. These were sooo nice! I received these in the same package from LATHER in which I received the shampoo and conditioner I talked about, above. I liked how these lovely products worked in harmony to care for my skin. leaving it feeling so fresh and clean and velvety soft. I'd love to pick these up, for myself some day. I don't know what happened to the lotion bottle. It ran away I guess. 

Philosophy Fresh Cream Shampoo, Shower Gel and Bubble Bath, $18.00. I really enjoy Philosophy's three in one products. The Fresh Cream smells like cream and vanilla, the scent is soft and didn't linger long after I rinsed it off. I used it in my hair, a few times and it cleansed my tresses without stripping them or leaving a yukky buildup. As much as I liked this, the bottle made me want to do it a violence. The bottles this brand uses are not very soft or easy to squeeze and I couldn't set it upside down to ease dispensing. Once this was down to about a quarter of a bottle, it was a battle royal with the bottle to finish it. Philosophy either needs to get better bottles, package in tubes or supply pumps. I'll buy this brand, again in a different scent to enjoy but only when they are on sale. The fight with the packaging isn't worth paying full price. Yeah, I said it. And I meant it! 

Farmhouse Fresh Organics Blushing Agave Body Oil, $27.00. Oh, my! This stuff was so lovely. It smelled sweet and rich but not cloying or perfume-y. The oil was lightweight, dropped into my skin and left it so soft and smooth without feeling oily or slippery. I will definitely buy a new bottle, some day.

Olay Age Defying Body Wash, $5.80 (price varies). I have used just about every flavor of Olay body wash that has hit store shelves, since their first release and the Age Defying is by far my favorite. It has a nice scent, a rich, cushioning lather and it leaves my skin feeling clean but not dried out or stripped. I will definitely repurchase when my current body wash obsession cools, a little bit.

Bath & Body Works A Thousand Wishes Shea Body Cream, price varies, depending on sales, coupons and so on. I love this scent and their Shea Body Cream is lovely and hydrating and it sinks in without having to rub forever. I forgot that I had this tube, I had about half used it up and tossed it in a box where it lingered, unloved long enough to kind of go over. I'm mad at myself for wasting such a nice body cream and yes, I'll definitely be buying another tube, next time I do a B&BW haul.

LATHER Jasmine & Plumeria Body Whip, $28.00. Oh, gentle reader. This lightweight, deeply moisturizing body cream is heaven in a jar. It made my skin feel like a new rose petal, every time I used it. The scent is absolutely exquisite; Plumeria, Jasmine and white blossoms offer the most delicate, ethereal, intimate fragrance that lingers softly on the skin for hours and left my clothes smelling gorgeous, even longer. LATHER needs to offer this Body Whip in a bigger container (a gallon wouldn't be too much...) and they really, really need to formulate this scent into a perfume. Like, now.

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter, $15.00. This big tub of thick, rich, skin loving goodness is, for a body butter, so easy to smooth into the skin and leaves me feeling velvety soft, all over. I adore the Signature Pink scent, as well. I go through tub after tub of this lovely and affordable body butter and I don't see myself stopping, any time soon.

Afterglow - Beauty Goodies I've Recently Used Up - with Mini Reviews Wipes Cotton Sheet Masks

facial cotton, makeup wipes and sheet masks, oh, my!

Now is the time for all good beauties to come to the aid of their skin.

Shiseido Facial Cotton, $12.00 for a pack of 165 deliciously soft and strong cotton squares. The one little package in the picture represents the many I have used and will use in the future. Yes, these facial cottons are spendy for what they are and I don't care. They are the best, I enjoy using them and in my not so humble opinion, they are worth every penny of their asking price and I won't give them up.

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes, 6-ish clams a pack (price varies). I like these for face makeup removal, quick, lazy girl cleansing and wiping off swatches. I buy the duo packs, cut them open and seal them up, together in a Ziplock Freezer bag, to keep them handy and juicy, until the last one is used up. Should I stop using them? Probably. I may, one day.

Peter Thomas Roth 24K Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Hydra-Gel Eye Patches, $75.00 for 30 pair. I received this jar of these eye patch masks in a PR package with some other PTR face masks. My jar arrived having leaked in transit so the patches weren't quite as juicy as they could have been, adding serum from a couple of face masks and shaking it all together enabled me to use up the patches. I'd love to experience them in their "natural state" but seventy-five clams is a little steep, especially when I can get really nice eye masks for less. I may give them another go, when a sale rolls around, again.

Speaking of which... Some of my recent faves have been: Sephora Collection Eye Masks, $5.00 a pair. These eye masks are sooo juicy, soothing and hydrating! I stock up on these babies when there is a sale period, because my cheap ass thinks that five bucks for a two tiny eye masks is a bit much. My fave flavors of these masks are the Rose, Pomegranate, Lychee and Pearl.

Patchology Flash Patch Rejuvenating Eye Gels, $15.00 for a pack of five pair or $50.00 for a jar of fifteen pair. Dude, these are some of the best eye patch masks I have ever used and I always have some in my skin care fridge. I take advantage of sales to stock up, rather than paying the regular price. Because, cheap ass.

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Sheet Mask, $12.00. Okay, I know that this mask is egregiously expensive and I never buy them unless there is a sale/coupon but sometimes, my skin is just worth a splurge and this mask, while spendy is really, really, really good! I confess that in order to stretch the value for money factor I use these masks more than once. I yank the packet out of my skin care fridge and use the mask, being careful to preserve, in the packet the extremely generous amount of serum. When I remove the mask from my clean face, I lightly spray it with 91% alcohol to discourage the growth of germies and let the alcohol dry for a moment then I carefully fold it back up, slip it into the packet, push out as much air as possible, roll-fold the packet tightly down to the level of the mask/serum and clamp it shut it with clean bobby pins. Then I gently shake and knead the packet to rewet the mask, pop it back in my skin care fridge and use it, again within a week. I know... Not ideal as far as hygiene is concerned but it's my mask, my face, I am as clean and careful as I possibly can be and so far, I've suffered no negative effects. I've been tempted to go for three treatments. I might just try it, for the sake of beauty blogger science. While I'm not telling you to do this, if you have a really pricey mask that you hate to use just one and trash, saving and reusing it is an option.

Boscia Tsubaki Oil Deep Hydration Bio-Cellulose Mask, $8.00. It is not hyperbole when I say that this is one of the best sheet masks I have ever used. This mask is so juicy with serum, seals to my face so perfectly and leaves my skin feeling like it just spent a day at the best spa. This is another spendy mask that I only treat myself to when there is a sale/coupons to take advantage of. This baby will knock the winter blues right out of your complexion!

Sephora Collection Face Mask, $6.00. Another very worthy sheet mask that is best stocked up on when sales are running. My faves are the Rose, Pearl, Coconut, Aloe, Lychee. They used to have a Honey but it seems to be no more. Bummer, it was nice, too. These masks, as well as their eye masks have fragrance so if you're sensitive to scent, I'd recommend that you pass these by. Otherwise, they are fab, affordable complexion pick-me-ups.

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks, $25.00 for a pack of six pair. I always buy a box, when a VIB sale is on because these eye patch masks are excellent! They have a gold or rose gold tone backing that keeps the eye patch wet for a long, long time and when I want to deeply hydrate and pamper my eye area, I put a pair of these on and leave them in place for an hour or longer and when I remove them, the difference in how my under eye area looks and feels is pretty dramatic. Now, the effects are topical and temporary, of course but they are nice to have on hand, chilled and ready to go when I really want to look my best.

This section is already so long that I'm going to wrap the sheet mask love fest, here. Nobody has the time to write up and link every one of those masks or to read my purple prose on all them. All of the masks in the pile were good and I happily buy any or all of them. Especially when they are on sale and I have a coupon.

Okay, moving on. Skin care is next!

Afterglow - Beauty Goodies I've Recently Used Up - with Mini Reviews Skin Care

the longest section of empties, ever in the history of blogging - skin care

Ah, skin care. This is where I live. I strongly believe that finding a good skin care routine that beautifully suits your individual complexion is absolutely crucial. Here are some of my more recent skin care empties, products I loved and a few, well...

Tinkle Eye Brow Razors, $4.22 for two packs of three razors and Schick Silk Touch Up Dermaplaning and Shaving Razors, $4.99 for a pack of three. These little razors easily and quickly remove all of that fine, pale blonde peach fuzz that messes up the look of my makeup and they lightly dermaplane my skin, removing dead skin cells and flakiness, leaving my face feeling silky-smooth and my makeup looking impeccable. It only takes a few minutes, once a week or so and I get multiple uses out of each little razor so they are a good investment.

RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream, $24.99. This is my holy grail eye area treatment. I've been using it for years and I've used up countless tubes. This silky, lightweight cream has a very, very low dose of Retinol and it works. Don't let the Retinol scare you. I have extremely sensitive eyes and this eye cream never irritates. My eye area looks better, at my age than I could ever expect it to, otherwise. I have fewer fine lines and crows feet than I should and my mobile lids, which have always been prone to crepeyness are smoother than they were when I was in my early twenties. If I am ever without this eye cream, I see the difference and I don't like it!

InstaNatural Retinol Serum, $18.99. I bought the teensy sample bottle shown above, liked the contents and bought a full size. This is a low dose Retinol, it is suitable for beginners, people with more sensitive skin and for maintaining. I really need to get on proper Retin-A, at this point in my skin's life. But yeah, this serum is really decent. Try it.

OZ Naturals Anti Aging Retinol Serum, $18.00. This stuff claims a 2.5% but we all know that it is actually much, much lower. That said, this is a good, affordable Retinol serum that I have been using on a pretty steady basis for years. I've been through multiple bottles and I wouldn't, if I didn't like it so much. Buy it, again? Maybe? I think that I'm going to turn my hungry eyes to a higher concentration, moving forward.

OZ Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum, $18.00. A solid performer, this hygroscopic serum helps to pull moisture from the air and my moisturizer and lock it to my skin where it can do me more good. This particular serum also has a bit of Vitamins C and E for additional antioxidant and skin boosting benefits. If you're on the lookout for a good, affordable HA serum, this is a good one.

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Moisturizer, $42.00 (standard size), $15.00 (mini, featured here). Oh! This cream broke my rose scented skin care loving heart. Broke it into a million pieces all over the floor. I'm still picking up the shattered remains. Well, the remains that the the cat hasn't managed to eat... Anyway, yeah. I was hoping that this thick but not goopy, gently rose scented cream was going to be the one. Alas, it is just not moisturizing enough for my incredibly dry skin. I was able to use it up by mixing a snack sized tube of another, deeply moisturizing cream into it. It still smelled deliciously rosy and it was perfect for my complexion. Hey, Fresh (because you know that they are reading here, like, all of the time) how's about doing the Rose Deep Hydration Cream in an Intense formula for us #driedupoldhags? If you have normal to dry to to dry but not incredibly dry-dry-dry skin, you might really love this moisturizer.

Airelle Skin Care Exfoliating Skin Care, $60.00. This is a nice cleanser. I liked how it got my skin sparkling clean, gently exfoliated at the same time but it didn't strip my skin of it's very life force. I don't deny that this is spendy but it is very good. Will I buy, again? If I ever work through my immense back stock of cleansers? Yeah. I'd pick up another bottle.

Airelle Skin Care Age Defying Serum, $90.00. Dude. This serum was a joyful noise unto my skin. I was actually seeing and feeling a firming difference in my complexion. No lie, I was destitute when my bottle ran dry and if it were in my budget I'd buy another. Hell, I'd buy a new bottle and a backup so that I wouldn't run out before re stocking. If it is in your budget and you want a serum that will show you results, try this one. It's top notch.

LATHER Australian Night Creme, $43.00. I wasn't too sure about this moisturizer, when I first received it in a PR package from LATHER. I finally got around to trying it but I wasn't that impressed. Even with a hydrating serum underlayment, It wasn't quite hydrating enough. Since it was winter, when I first tried it, I decided to set it aside until summer, when I can get away with a little lighter moisturizer and give it another go. Hello! This stuff was perfect for my skin during the hot days and nights. It was hydrating and comforting and just made my complexion happy-happy. It was also nice under makeup. Glow, baby glow. Buy it, again? Yeah... I'd grab another for the hot, humid days and nights.

Osmosis Skin Care Barrier Repair Mask - Tropical Mango, $50.00. This brush on, rinse off mask was a delicious, sweet treat for my skin that not only smelled delicious, it was hydrating, soothing and lightly firming, too! I loved every use of this mask and I was sad when it was all gone. Get more? Yes, when I can spare the budget, I'd buy another jar.

Derma E Hydrating Cleanser, $15.00. Buy this when it's on BOGO or you have a coupon! This is a good cleanser that cleans thoroughly but doesn't leave my face feeling dry or stripped. Sure, I'd buy more. When I need to buy cleanser again.

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist, $48.00. I originally thought that my first bottle of this exquisite face mist was going to be my last because let's face it, while lovely this stuff is spendy but I've come to understand that my skin loves this stuff. So, I bought it again and when my current bottle runs out, I have no doubt I'll buy another because honestly, I don't want to be without it. I do wish it weren't so expensive. Oh well. Some things are just worth the splurge.

June Jacobs Intense Age Defying Hydrating Serum, $140.00. I received both bottles of this absolutely amazing hydrating serum in PR and greedily used them up!. This product is a wonder. Applied before moisturizer, it ramps up it's hydrating power and makes my skin feel so hydrated, plumped and dare I say it? Firmer. I reveled in every drop of both bottles of this serum but barring a windfall, I'll not be buying more any time soon. *sigh I'd love to have a gallon jug of it. I'd love to have a barrel of it, so that I could drench myself in it, head to toe, every night. If you're not Dry Like Me, this would make an exquisite daily moisturizer. Okay. Moving on.

REN Clean Skin Care Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Toner, $38.00. Yes! This is the toner that finally got me to dedicate my life to toner usage and my skin has reaped the benefits. I'm currently on my second bottle of this 10% AHA solution and my skin looks and feels brighter and smoother with improved texture. The bottles I've used, so far were PR gifts but I'll happily buy it for myself, as I don't want to be without it. While almost forty clams for a toner sounds like a lot, the bottle is a generous 8.5 fl oz. and lasts a long time. Did I mention that I'll buy it, myself? Because I will when my current bottle runs out.

Derma E Rejuvenating Sage & Lavender Face Oil, $16.50. This sample was really making my skin, hair and cuticles happy until it suddenly and rather violently went over. Suddenly isn't hyperbole. I used it, one day, a week later, I cycled back around to it and it was done. Buy it, myself? Nope. A low price is no bargain if the product spoils before I can use even half of it and I have to toss it.

Afterglow - Beauty Goodies I've Recently Used Up - with Mini Reviews Soniclear

play me a dirge, matey 

After years of good and faithful facial cleansing service, my Michael Todd Beauty Soniclear Elite has gone to the Beauty Tool Rainbow Bridge. This was my go to in the shower power tool. I have a couple of other sonic face cleansing devices so I've not been left adrift. This was a good product and if you're in the market for a solid performer but don't want to pay the higher prices for a Clarisonic or Foreo, I'd recommend one of these.

Afterglow - Beauty Goodies I've Recently Used Up - with Mini Reviews Makeup Bits

makeup-y bits and pieces

Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips, $4.39. These two tins represent the countless tins through which I have run. My picky, delicate lips require a highly occlusive balm that hydrates and protects them and this one has done the job, admirably. Sadly, it's getting harder and harder to find in store in my area so I have moved on to...

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, $20.00. Okay, I know... Twenty bucks for a lip balm. But-but-but it's sooo good! Deeply hydrating, occlusive enough for my stupid lips and delicate scents and flavors that delight my senses while it does it's job. Also, the little jars of balm are a generous 0,7 fl oz. and last quite a while. I always have a couple going; one on my dressing table and one on my little side table. I am just about to finish off an Apple Lime (it's okay but not my fave, I doubt I'll buy this flavor again), I have a Vanilla and a snack size holiday flavor, Choco Mint going, as well. Once the Apple Lime is done, I can open my backup jar of my favorite flavor, the Original which smells like strawberries. I don't think that I need to say that I'll buy it, again.

Dun-dun-dun. Another one bites the dust. The Original BeautyBlender, $20.00. These bouncy pink sponges are my favorite for applying foundation, concealer, even moisturizer and powder. There are other sponges that do a nice job and that I like well enough but there is nothing like a real, honest to goodness BeautyBlender and yes, I will never be without at least one.

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector, $32.00. This emollient, smoothing under eye brightener and colour corrector in the end just didn't have what it takes to deal with my hardcore, high power, hereditary, year round allergy exacerbated dark under eye circles. I used up about half of this jar, telling myself that it was kinda? maybe? helping? But not really. I set it aside and moved on to other things and when I went back to it, to use it up out of guilt, more than anything else, it had gone off. Please let me stress, this is not a bad product. It just doesn't have the power to overcome my darkness. Do try it, tho if you just need about average under eye correcting and brightening, it really is lovely.

Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil, $34.00. My shade is Ash. How'd that happen? This is a mighty fine brow pencil with a mighty fine shape and spoolie and I love drawing on my brows with it. Applied over a light layer of primer on clean skin, it designs pretty brows that with a modicum of care last me all day. It is a little spendy, tho so I buy myself one, now and again as a treat.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, $23.00. My shade is Taupe but this one is Soft Brown. Huh???? This is the classic, the fave, the one that rises above all others. This tiny, twist up pencil sketches on the most delicate, realistic, chic brows of life. I have and use other brow pencils but this is my love, the one I always come home to and probably always will. I do have to say, that as much as I love the Brow Wiz, the Urban Decay Brow Blade, $26.00 is giving it a run for it's money! More on the Brow Blade, to come.

L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara, $10.99. My shade is Blackest Black. This is such good mascara. Long, thick, plush, fans of lashes for days with no transferring, smudging or flaking. My only tiny gripe with this mascara formula is that it isn't as wet as L'Oreal mascaras typically are - what can I say, I like it wet - and it dries out, fast. I still purchase but I won't be buying any more until I work through my current mascara stash. It's getting a little out of hand, I must have eight or so tubes awaiting their turn and I need to work through them before they go bad and I have to heave them!

holy shit! what have I done here? 

Did you make it through this entire post? If you did, I salute you because this post isn't just "long" it is obnoxiously long. Offensively long. Stretching the length of The Great Wall of China LONG. I don't blame you if you looked at it, said, "Oh, HELL no!" and only picked a few things in which you were really interested and read them, while scrolling on by the rest. Honestly, that is what I most likely would have done. **Heh-Heh!** My next empties post won't be nearly so long, I promise. No way am I doing THIS again! 

Read it all or just cherry picked it, I hope that you found this empties post informative, entertaining and helpful. If you did, I'd love it if you share it. When my readers share my work it really helps me out and I appreciate it so much. 
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