Fashion Flash | Farewell January

Fashion Flash | Farewell January

Swiftly January has passed. Thank the Goddess and we can bid farewell to this month in this edition of Fashion Flash. This week, our group of bloggers have some great reads waiting for you and I think that you'll really enjoy them.

Barbara Hannah Grufferman -- award winning author of Love Your Age: The Small Step Solution to a Better, Longer, Happier Life -- started running after 50 and has now run eight marathons. The truly amazing thing is that she's gotten faster as she's gotten older. It is her shoes?

Inka of Glamour Granny Travels shows you the coolest district in Amsterdam.

If you're one of the millions of people who have made the New Year's resolution to quit smoking, how's it going, after the first month? Jackie from Jackie Silver Style has some shocking news about smoking, plus tips for helping to quit.

Wondering what to serve on Super Bowl Sunday? The Culinary Cure White Chicken Chili is the perfect make ahead dish guaranteed to please both football fans and healthy eaters, alike. Whip up a batch of Kristen's delish game changing chili. Get the recipe and inspiration for living younger, longer and better, here.

Stacie from  blog reviewed an interesting hair curler. Take a look at this interesting contraption and let her know what you think of it.

Angie of  Your True Self Blog loves the look and feel of layering clothes in the fall and winter. In this featured post, she gives you tons of layering tips, layered outfit formulas PLUS over forty outfit ideas! Check out How to Look Good in the Cold? Layer Up!

From Robin at Your True Self blog: Are you hosting a Super Bowl Party this weekend? I'm sharing my favorite appetizers today, on my blog.
Lisa from Beauty Info Zone has found her perfect earrings and is thrilled to shout from the rooftops about them. What do you think of her choice? We'd love to know.

Is Argan Oil worth the money? Deb of No Nonsense Beauty Blog investigates.

How much makeup should we be using as we age? Makeup for Mature Women is the topic of this episode of Ladies Roadmap to Living Ageless! 

Never Say Die Beauty had a strange interlude with an unknown fashion website/retailer. She shares the resolution as well as information in what to avoid and a helpful website for monitoring scam sites.

Prime Beauty reviews Japan's #1 best selling - one is sold every five seconds! Natural Aqua Gel Cure will have your skin looking it's best with just one use!

From Follow Phyllis: I know it's Super Bowl Sunday and we all just want to relax but, I thought it would be a great time to fit in a quick workout to combat all of the wings and nachos we'll be eating! Or be smart and pregame with this simple but effective workout!

Curious about what products a beauty and makeup lover really uses up? Last week, on my blog, Notes from My Dressing Table I wrote an obnoxiously long post chock full of mini reviews and photographs of many of the beauty and makeup products I've used up in the last little while. Come check it out and go dumpster diving with me. It'll be fun. I promise. No, really. Totally fun. Just click the link and you'll see. Totally.

For years people have said, that getting angry can raise your blood pressure but I recently heard that it can also raise your cholesterol. Sounds crazy but Mirabai Holland from Moving Free gives you the evidence and what you can do about it.