Fashion Flash - Mid June Edition

It's almost summer, the weather is heating up and so are the SARS-CoV-2 infection numbers, here in Arizona. Our governor caved to pressure, opened our state too far, too soon and add in Memorial Day weekend and nobody making even the least effort to wear their masks or social distance and we're running out of room in the ICUs. We were one of the states that seemed to have it's act together. That illusion has been blown out of the water. 

So, on to happier things, it's time for Fashion Flash and I'm stepping in to host, this week. Let's get started, shall we? 

Can you imagine a world without disease? Want to find out how to live longer? Listen to this episode of The Ladies Roadmap to Living Ageless podcast to learn more. 

Many of us prepared for the pandemic by stocking up on food, water, masks and prescriptions. But did we prepare our bodies? Phyllis Lerner of followPhyllis explains how to maximize your immune system when you're over sixty for optimum wellness. 

Prime Beauty deems Mizz Bloom's Nourish Facial Oil the Goldilocks of Facial Oils-not too heavy and not too light-just perfect. Although it can be used under makeup, she's been using it at night only and wakes up with a nice glow.

Inka of Glamour Granny Travels says: As Portugal is opening to travel without quarantine in July, here is the best to see on the Algarve Coast

What do Kate Middleton and Brad Pitt have in common? It's eczema and Deb of No Nonsense Beauty Blog explains the cause and care of this common skin condition

We are using computers more than ever in a variety of forms. Did you ever think about what it may be doing to you? Angie at Your True Self Blog shows 13 ways to stop computers from aging you.

We now know that people who get hit hardest by COVID-19 are usually older (as in 'over 50') and have underlying health issues. Well, we can't change our ages but we CAN change a few other things that just might make us feel better, look better and age better. Award winning author Barbara Hannah Grufferman created a weekly newsletter in partnership with a leading endocrinologist to help all women navigate post menopausal life, which includes getting and staying healthy. Here's what you need to know to get started right now. 

Staying home can be a productive, fun experience when you create your own spa day. Jackie from Jackie Silver Style has hot summer-spa-at-home tips. 

If your hair has grown long during the stay at home months, you need to check out Never Say Die Beauty's review of Ivy & Elder Willow Bark Leave In Hair Mask, a must for silky, shiny, healthy longer hair. Plus, find out about Tree Horoscopes while you're at it. 

Do you ever wonder which procedures might work to give your skin a more youthful appearance? Check out what an expert NY Dermatologist recommends over on The Makeup Obsessed Mom Blog

I'm a walking advocate and a walking enthusiast. However, as you may know, I believe in the ease in, start with a little, stay in your comfort zone, set attainable short term goals, build up to your ultimate goal over time, method of exercise. Studies show that vigorous exercise has the most positive effect on the list of health benefits. So whether it's an exercise video or a good sustainable cardio exercise like walking, your body and mind will thank you! 

You can have summer fun indoors or out with the new KB Shimmer Beach Break Collection. Beauty Info Zone has some of these pretties to share. 

Robin at Hello I'm 50ish asks, are you looking for a perfect anniversary getaway weekend? This five star hotel is a perfect place to celebrate your anniversary. 

Everyone, meet Nina from Sharing a Journey! Welcome, Nina. Thank you for joining our group! 

Summer is here and likely we've never experienced a summer quite like this one. But that doesn't mean that we can't look and feel great. I'm sharing my essentials for a stylish and fun summer

Are you curious about what CBD in skin care can do for your complexion? If you'd like to give this Ulta Beauty exclusive, buzz worthy (no pun intended 😏) ingredient a try at an affordable price point, check out what I have to share on my blog, Notes from My Dressing Table. I got to test drive the new Derma-E Skin De-Stress Calming CBD Skin Care and I spill all of the beans in my review. Note: Derma-E Skin De-Stress Calming CBD Skin Care contains between 250 - 500 mgs. of CBD but does not contain THC - Tetrahydrocannabinol - the main psychoactive compound found in cannabis. While this skin care may take your skin higher, your feet will remain solidly on terra firma. Okay. I'm stopping, now. 

Gentle reader, thank you so much for popping by to read and check out everyone's blog posts. Stay well, stay safe and, if you're going out to enjoy this gorgeous summer weather, stay hydrated and don't forget your sunscreen!