Known - the Alluring New Fragrance from A Girl's Gotta Spa!

Prelude to a Blog Post

They say that you should never work with children or animals but I disagree. I mean, what could be a better moment for a blogger than settling in to take a bunch of photographs of a product and have your cat jump up on your photo table, sit herself prettily down and start posing? I had so much fun firing off shot after shot of Daisy Adair and the gorgeous perfume that before I knew it, I had almost one hundred photographs. I decided that of course, I had to do this blog post in behind the scenes style and let Daisy be the model. 

Daisy Adair and I would like to present to you the newest offering in a fragrance line that I have come to love. Please read on for all of the details. And, an astonishing number of cute cat pictures. 


What it is

A Girl's Gotta Spa Known, packaged in a sleek, portable glass rollerball bottle with a brushed, silver tone lid and their signature gradient pink and yellow frosted label is a handcrafted, alluring modern rose fragrance. The scent notes, in a skin nourishing base of grapeseed oil produce a beautiful experience that you just have to experience for yourself. 

Top Note: Wild Rose  Heart Notes: Black Currant, Tea Rose  Base Notes: Green Angelica, Papyrus

As this perfume smooths onto my skin, I immediately smell soft, crisp, Wild Rose then, as it begins to warm on my skin, I get a hint of sweet, juicy Black Currant and pure, sensual Tea Rose. The dry down brings clean, fresh Green Angelica and a drift of delicate, dusty Papyrus. When I wear this fragrance I close my eyes and it takes me back to growing up in California and riding my horse through a high meadow in mid summer. Scents warm, green and fresh and softly floral in only the best way, all washed in the golden rays of the midday sun. 

I experience this scent fully, for as long as it lasts on my skin. Known is a gentle, intimate scent that wears close to the skin. Wear time for me is a few hours but it's easy enough to smooth a little more fragrance onto my pulse points with the rollerball applicator. I love this fragrance. Of the three in this family of perfumes, Known has become my new favorite and my husband also really likes this scent. The first time I wore it, he leaned in, took a good sniff and "Nice." High praise, indeed from my taciturn dude. 

A Girl's Gotta Spa Known, $24.00 is hand made in small batches with high quality ingredients. Free of Alcohol, Parabens and Phthalates, this fragrance is Leaping Bunny Certified cruelty free. Daisy Adair wouldn't have it any other way! A Girl's Gotta Spa Known is a perfect gift for someone special or a gorgeous little indulgence for yourself. 


Please enjoy Daisy Adair having a little fun and relaxation, after her modeling duties were done.

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