The Once and Future Foreo Luna Review

Do I Still Love it Five Years On? 

Five Years ago, much to my delight, I was sent an original Foreo Luna (link to original article, in case you're interested) for consideration and review. Here's the first pic I took of it - brightened to better fit my current #aesthetic yes, I am self mocking - fresh from my doorstep and still lovely and warm from sitting outside in the Arizona sun. Wow. That counter top, angle and lighting, taken on my prior-prior phone. What was I thinking???? 

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Are you as blown away by the photo quality as I am? I knew that you would be. Admit it, you really want to be me. 

Anyway, If you read my original review, you know that I fell instantly in love with my new skin care toy. The question I am answering in this article is, do I still use it and love it, five years on? 

For the purposes of this article, I am linking to the Foreo Luna 2 for Normal Skin as it is the model that is still available for purchase that most closely resembles my now unavailable original model Foreo Luna for Normal Skin. Foreo is now on their third generation of the Luna. 

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So, What is a Foreo Luna, Anyway? 

In a nutshell, the Foreo Luna is a sonic skin cleansing device. It is comfortably palm shaped and covered in a soft, gentle, easy to hold on to, clean and anti microbial silicone skin with tiny deep cleansing fingers on one side and face massaging ridges on the other. The Foreo Luna sends high speed sonic pulses through the device to deeply and gently cleanse away makeup, dirt, oil, pollution and the cares of the day. There is a timer that reminds the user to move from one area of the face to the next and when the cleansing cycle is finished the device can be flipped to provide a rejuvenating and refreshing facial massage, if you like. I use my Luna with cream or gel cleansers but I don't use it with cleansing balms or oils. I don't know if it is not recommended to use balms or oils, it is just a personal preference. 

Pro Tip: I occasionally use my Luna to gently massage sore, tight spots in my neck or shoulders, too. I carry a lot of tension in those areas and as sweet as husband is, he isn't the give a neck or shoulder rub type of guy and to be honest, he's not all that great at it so... I find ways to take care of it, myself. Clearly this is an off label use and I am sharing anecdotally not giving specific advice. But, it does work for me. 

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Really... Do I Still Use and Love this Gadget? 

In a word, yes! Five years later, I still have my same original model Foreo Luna for Normal Skin. I have dry, dry, dry skin but this Luna works just perfectly for me. It still holds a charge for a long, long time, can be used at the sink or in the shower and it has never, ever failed me. I use my Luna most days, sometimes, I don't need the deeper clean or I'm not in the mood to bother but my Luna is my skin care work horse and five years later, I still feel no need to replace it with a newer model. I'm not saying that I will never buy a new one, because clearly if my Luna dies on me, it will be replaced in a heartbeat, I am that certain that I don't want to be without it. I hope that Foreo doesn't go the way of Clarisonic. I would be very unhappy if I couldn't get a new Luna, should I need it! 

Where to Shop and Last Thoughts:

My bottom line is that I still happily recommend the Foreo Luna for anyone who is serious about great skin care. There are models geared to different skin types and, since I haven't tried any but the one I have I can't say with any certainty if they are all that different or really necessary. The Foreo Luna is a spendy little delight, I would suggest waiting for a sale, get a good coupon or promo code before taking the leap. That said, in my not so humble opinion, the Luna is definitely worth every penny of it's purchase price. It does what it says it will do and it should last you for years. 

Oh! The Farmacy Clean Bee Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser is new to my skin care shelfie. Oh, gods. Did I just use the word "shelfie"? I need more time with it to know if it's going to be a winner for my specific skin type but in case you're interested, I popped the link in for you. 

The Once and Future Foreo Luna Review | Do I Still Love it Five Years On?


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