Farmacy Beauty Very Cherry Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm

Farmacy Beauty Very Cherry Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm

Gentle reader, it's back! and I'm not ashamed to admit, I'm excited. Why? Well, because I'm a sucker for a good cleansing balm and I'm also a sucker for anything cherry. Cherry flavored, cherry scented, cherries printed on it... I'm here for it. 

The Beauty Spotlight Team Weekly Roundup for Mid-September


Who else is totally freaking out that September is already half gone? I mean, wasn't it just the first, like, yesterday? And before we know it, October will be here and this year is going by sooo fast! I am not complaining, really because 2020 has been an epic shit show with with the pandemic and our economy hitting the skids, the West Coast burning and of course, the election cycle, right in the middle of all of it. 

Fashion Flash | Mid September Issue

Fashion Flash | Mid September Issue

Fashion Flash | Mid September Issue

Summer is fast headed out the door and I'm gearing up for fall. I have ideas for decor, which means that some shopping needs to happen and please don't let me forget to polish that damned silver pitcher that's lurking in my downstairs closet, so that I can put a new floral arrangement in it. I want to do a soft glam fall, with cream, gentle rose and mauve and hints of blue with sparkly silver and gold metallic accents. What will really happen is that I'll end up hauling out all of the usual and placing it about and calling it good. *shrug I am forever trapped between my decorating aspirations and my budget. Guess which one wins? Yeah. 

Anyway... While I'd like to chat home and holiday decor and buy all of the things, what I really need to do is stop nattering and get busy putting this issue of Fashion Flash together! What, exactly is Fashion Flash? It is a weekly e-newsletter collecting articles and blog posts by forty-plus writers for forty-plus readers spanning beauty, fashion, lifestyle and decor, wellness and fitness, and travel. I hope that you enjoy this week's Fashion Flash. 

Fashion Flash the Weekly Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle E-Newsletter

 ... is live now. 

Our host this week is Mirabai Holland of Moving Free. Head on over for your weekly beauty, fashion and lifestyle fix.

The Beauty Spotlight Team Labor Day Weekend Edition


Happy September, everyone! This long, hot summer is finally beginning to draw to a close. Autumn isn't here, quite yet, tho we are expecting a few cooler days, thanks to a cold front that is driving it's way south from Canada. The temps here in Prescott, Arizona are supposed to drop into the seventies and the news out of Phoenix was touting cool days at only 90 degrees. It's supposed to be 92 in Denver, today and tomorrow, in the low to mid thirties, with snow possible. 2020, man. 

Anyway, here is this week's Beauty Spotlight Team Labor Day Edition post. And, before you ask, no. The three police officers who murdered Breonna Taylor in her own home have still not been arrested and charged. 

We love when cosmetic collections have powerful inspirations and meanings, and Jen over at Laugh, Love, Contour has one such collection on her blog this week! Doubledown Cosmetics has launched their Cape Verdean-flag inspired collection, The Ancestral Collection, Vol. 1. This collection focuses on the meanings behind the powerful red colour of the flag and the influences of revolutionary Amílcar Cabral who set the Republic of Cabo Verde on its path to independence.

Taking off on a Labor Day weekend getaway? Or doing a staycation at home? Never Say Die Beauty recommends Patchology Getaway Plan kit of fast-acting facial masks and eye gel patches for some me-time on-the-go or at home when time is at a premium.

Polish Pick Up/Indie Pick Up kicks off Sept 4th – 7th and Kristi from BeginNails reviewed 6 items. One of her favorites was a cuticle oil in the scent Fall Breakfast from Red Eyed Lacquer. As the weather cools down pumpkin pecan waffles with blueberry syrup sounds delicious!

5YINA Guiying Décolletage Treatment is an ultra-emollient and richly moisturizing balm, made with Chinese medicinal plants, that Lola's Secret Beauty Blog loves because it deeply nourishes the skin leaving it soft, smooth and luminous.

Stacie has some tips for taking care of dry skin over on her blog, The Makeup Obsessed Mom.

Get clean, get exfoliated and do it with great looking Artisan Soaps that you can see on Beauty Info Zone.

You may know Sigma does makeup brushes but did you also know they do makeup. Southeast by Midwest has a review and swatches of the Sigma Cor-de-Rosa Eyeshadow Palette you should check out.

Are you looking for a beautiful, affordable facial oil that smells as lovely as it will make your complexion look and feel? Check out Erika’s review of the Pixi Skintreats Rose Oil on Notes from My Dressing Table

Pixi Skintreats Rose Oil Review


Pixi Skintreats Rose Oil Review 5

Facial oils are an integral part of my skin care routine. I've tried many, fallen in love with few. Today, I'm sharing my thoughts on a new to me face oil. Please read on to see what I think.

The Beauty Spotlight Team Weekly Roundup


Hey, everyone! It's only Wednesday and I'm getting this week's Beauty Spotlight Team Weekly Roundup post up. Hey! Pin a medal on me. *that was sarcasm, I know that I suck Anyway, this week's edition is packed full of good stuff. Check it out and go say hi to our new member, Kristi from BeginNails! 

Shifting multichrome polishes and a flakie topper! Kristi from BeginNails reviewed the new Red Eyed Lacquer Bubbilicious Quad that was released this last week. Which is your favorite?

After 7 months of use, Lola's Secret Beauty Blog revisited Go-To Face Hero Face Oil, and has determined that this ultra-luxe, and infinitely affordable, skin treat is a must-have!

Never Say Die Beauty just received the Derma E “Clean Is Beautiful” duo of cleansers, and she’s giving away one of them. Check out her giveaway and enter!

Prime Beauty loves the new BH Cosmetics Paradise Collection for complexion perfection! There are 3 versions of primers AND setting sprays: hydrating, mattifying and illuminating. I love the hydrating one for my older, dry skin!   

You never not need sunscreen in Marcia of Beauty Info Zone's‘s opinion. Her new found love is CIREM Skinsurance and she thinks you’ll want this yourself.

Jen from Laugh, Love, Contour is back to posting this week after taking a brief hiatus to help her health recover. Because everything was cancelled due to the pandemic, Jen opted to have a self-proclaimed Festival Week utilizing the new Ludicrous Lights highlighters by Milani Cosmetics! The last post from the week includes link to the previous looks during the week it you want to check them out and celebrate festival your own way this year too!

Do you like colorful nail polishes? The Lights Lacquer Sweet as Summer Collection was made up of six polishes that followed the colors of the rainbow. There are swatches and a review over on Southeast by Midwest.

Erika at Notes from My Dressing Table has done a Once and Future Review five year follow up on the Foreo Luna for Normal Skin Sonic Skin Care Device. If you’re interested to find out if she is still into it, all of these years later, come check it out!

Stacie, The Makeup Obsessed Mom, has some simple makeup tips for women over 40 over on her blog for you.

Fashion Flash | The weekly E-Newsletter for Forty Plus Readers


Fashion Flash, the weekly e-newsletter for forty-plus readers is up and ready for your perusal. Our fabulous host, this week is our fearless leader, Deb. Head on over to read all of the goods, Have a great week and I'll see you soon!