Fashion Flash | Mid September Issue

Fashion Flash | Mid September Issue

Fashion Flash | Mid September Issue

Summer is fast headed out the door and I'm gearing up for fall. I have ideas for decor, which means that some shopping needs to happen and please don't let me forget to polish that damned silver pitcher that's lurking in my downstairs closet, so that I can put a new floral arrangement in it. I want to do a soft glam fall, with cream, gentle rose and mauve and hints of blue with sparkly silver and gold metallic accents. What will really happen is that I'll end up hauling out all of the usual and placing it about and calling it good. *shrug I am forever trapped between my decorating aspirations and my budget. Guess which one wins? Yeah. 

Anyway... While I'd like to chat home and holiday decor and buy all of the things, what I really need to do is stop nattering and get busy putting this issue of Fashion Flash together! What, exactly is Fashion Flash? It is a weekly e-newsletter collecting articles and blog posts by forty-plus writers for forty-plus readers spanning beauty, fashion, lifestyle and decor, wellness and fitness, and travel. I hope that you enjoy this week's Fashion Flash. 

It's time for a new Fashion Flash giveaway and Beauty Info Zone is honored to offer this international one for all of our readers. Be sure to enter for a chance to win e-gifts: A $50.00 Amazon gift card and a historical romance by Jenna Jaxon. You can't win if you don't enter

Now that gyms across the country are opening, many of us are making a mad dash to get back to our workout routines. Phyllis Lerner of Follow Phyllis shares her best tips on how to return to the gym safely

Inka of Glamour Granny Travels says: Sweeten these miserable times by thinking of some very delicious advent calendars

Jackie from Jackie Silver Style shares fall beauty shortcuts

From The Culinary Cure: Have you ever opened a bag of potato chips, popcorn or cookies, and mindlessly eaten the whole thing? I have. Snack foods are engineered to be salty, sweet and addictively delicious. You can never eat just one because they were created to light up the pleasure centers of your brain and keep you coming back for more. Get the Culinary Cure downloadable list of scary sodium and learn how to salt safely

No one wants to get COVID-19. And, if we do get it we don't want to end up on a ventilator with a slim chance of survival. But what can we do? Masks, hand washing and social distancing, of course. Avoid crowds, sure but what if we get it, anyway? Is there any way to protect our immune system so we're more likely to recover? Yes, there is! Mirabai Holland shares how improving your general health can greatly improve your chances

Never Say Die Beauty is bucking the no lipstick trend by buying a new, affordable creme lipstick in deep pink. Noting like lipstick to boost the spirit!  

Summer sun takes it's toll on your skin. Deb of No Nonsense Beauty Blog has a repair kit

Prime Beauty found a product that makes getting a pedicure Easy-Peasy

In case you missed it, Erika did her Once and Future Foreo Luna Sonic Skin Care Device for Normal Skin. This five year follow up of her original review shares all. Does she still use it? Love it? Find out on Notes from My Dressing Table. 

Angie at Your True Self Blog has a great recipe for a DIY Natural jewelry cleaner. It's quick and easy, with no scrubbing and uses ingredients that you most likely already have in your kitchen!