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Where I've Been and Where I Am

  Depression is a bitch, let me tell ya. It zaps my energy, motivation and desire to do anything, even the things I love to do, like taking pictures of beautiful things and writing about them. As the days get longer and it's warm I feel a little better and I'm beginning to get the urge to be creative, again and it feels good to be stepping slowly back into the light, back to being myself when I'm not swimming in deep, dark places.  I wish that I could give a solid timeline and set a schedule but I'm not quite there, yet. I have changed the appearance of this blog, a bit. I had to dump my old, added on template because it was a mess and nothing I did, within my limited capacity was helping make it any better. I'm using a Blogger template, for the time being until I decide what my new aesthetic will be, as I rebrand to expand the scope of this blog. Don't worry, if you come here for beauty content that will still be the main focus, now and always but I'd like