My name is Erika. I am a mad housewife for over twenty-six years, unrepentant coffee addict, mom to a grown son, cat slave and passionate fan of all things beautiful. I believe that no one is too old to wear glitter on their nails, a healthy dose of highlighter on their cheekbones and that life is too short for stupid beauty rules.

I started this blog back in May of 2010 on a whim, just a couple of days a week with a tiny budget, an obsolete camera and a desire to share my love of nail polish. Slowly, so slowly, together we have evolved and grown. The name has changed a couple of times and I finally, just recently bought my own domain and evolved this blog into what I truly wanted it to be: A full on, full service head to toe beauty blog.

I cover nail polish, makeup, skin care, bath and body. A little lifestyle for good measure. I am an all ages, all people welcome and inclusive blogger. I do cater some to the more... experienced... crowd, but I want everyone from eighteen to eighty to feel comfortable, embraced, informed and enabled.

On my pages you will find the very best photographs I can possibly create. Sarcasm, hyperbole, a sprinkling of alliteration. Honest, fair and detailed reviews spiced with my own brand of humor and the occasional tutorial. I want to delight my gentle readers. If there is ever any way in which I can be of help, answer a question, fulfill a request, you need only drop me a comment in the latest post or shoot me an e-mail. My contact information is on my contact page. I will get back to you soon as I can.

Grab a beverage, get comfy and settle in. I'm so happy that you are here. 

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I love to know what you're thinking. I dig honest discourse and lively discussion, even a good debate. I do not dig spam, hate speech or personal attacks either against myself or my gentle readers. Comments are moderated before they post to maintain a harmonious community.