Disclosure/Blog/Photo Policy

This is my Disclosure/Blog/Photograph policy for Notes from My Dressing Table.

This blog is an original work, written by me. All thoughts, opinions and reviews are my own, written in my unique voice. Any resemblance to any other work is unintended and purely coincidental.

Unless clearly stated at the beginning and finish of the post in which they are featured, all products shown in this blog are purchased by me, with my money for my own use and review. I do accept products from Companies/PR for consideration and possible review. Acceptance of said product (s) does not guarantee a review. Any products sent to me for consideration become my property with no expectation that those items will be returned or paid for.

My product reviews are always completely honest and fair, whether I purchased the product  or it was sent to me. Products sent for consideration are tried, tested and receive a completely honest and fair review uninfluenced by the Company/PR who sent the product(s) to me. Unless I state it clearly, I am not affiliated with any companies whose products I review and there is no conflict of interest.

I sometimes link to sites where products can be found and purchased. Unless I disclose the links as affiliate links, they are not and I do not receive payment if they are clicked or a purchase is made after the link is clicked. I will always disclose if links are affiliate links.

I accept products that fit within the scope (nail polish, makeup, beauty) of this blog offered by Companies/PR for a giveaway prize. If you would like me to host a giveaway of your product (s) please contact me. My contact information is on my Contact/PR page or you can click here to be directed to that page.

I use affiliate ads and links on this blog. Posts that contain affiliate links will contain disclosures that such links are present.

This blog does accept paid advertisements. Ads that fit within the scope of this blog (nail polish, beauty, makeup and the like) are preferred. Please contact me by e-mail and we can talk. You can find my e-mail address on this page.

Unless I clearly state otherwise, all photographs in my blog are my property, wholly owned by me. My photographs are taken, edited, watermarked and posted by me for my own purpose.  If you see a photograph belonging to me in this blog or posted on social media that you would like to use for a business purpose, please e-mail me and we can talk. My e-mail address can be found in my Contact page in the tab at the top of my main blog page or you can click here to go to my Contact page.

Please do not take and use my photographs without my permission. I work hard on them, they may not be professional quality but they are my babies. If you want to snag a pic or two to your hard drive to use as inspiration or something like that, go ahead. If you want to re post my photographs from my blog or social media, please ask my permission first and respect my watermark and please, credit me with a link back to this blog.

This disclosure is ever evolving and subject to change at any time.